Contractors and customers everywhere love Millboard decking’s versatility, endurance, and beauty. Here’s what they have to say.

"We trust Millboard decking and siding for many of our studio builds. It is consistent, beautiful, and durable. Our customers love the fact that it requires zero maintenance. The team at Outlive is extremely knowledgeable about the product and makes ordering easy."

Latitude Studios

Antique Oak Decking & Antique Oak Envello Siding

“Just installed all of my new Millboard sections into my new Voyager dock!!! Looks awesome and the feel and performance of the dock in all weather is tremendous. Not slick in the rain, and the heat of the sunshine is easy on the bare feet. Looking forward to many maintenance free years of my Millboard dock. Thanks Outlive.”

Troy T.

Weathered Driftwood Dock

"Stunningly beautiful and realistic. Millboard is next level in luxury decking."

Shawn F.

“I have two other composite decks and there is no comparison to Millboard decking.  This product is superior in every facet: installation, feel, look and most of all material make-up.  Millboard is revolutionary!”

Travis T.

Enhanced Smoked Oak and Burnt Cedar Deck

Amazing to see the before and after!  The upgrade from a wood (cedar) deck we had to maintain to Millboard has allowed us to actually spend time enjoying our deck instead of always working on it!

Luke F.