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Millboard decking is extremely versatile and can be used in practically every outdoor space (subject to building control). Create decks, cladding, balconies, roof gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters and more. Millboard can be used as the decorative face for most outdoor designs, as long as it is fixed to a structural element.

Millboard has been designed to replicate the natural variances of timber and we do not intend for the product to have identical shades. Buying all the Millboard decking you need at the same time should help to ensure that the color is as consistent as possible, and we recommend laying out the boards before installation to create an effective, subtle blend.

Samples are provided as a representation of the product and we would encourage customers to view full boards as part of a deck, in order to fully appreciate the product, prior to purchase.

We go to extraordinary lengths to recreate the look of natural timber. As with all products exposed to the elements including sunlight, snow and rain, Millboard will naturally weather and tone down over time. Slight yellowing, especially in the deeper grain of our decking and cladding boards will be visible and loss of gloss is also expected and intentional. This is in order for us to replicate that natural piece of timber it has so carefully been molded against along with our unique hand colored process.
As with all composite products, the surfaces of the boards tend to be hotter than timber when exposed to direct sunlight. Darker colours particularly will feel hotter and may be uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. Under direct sunlight and high temperature, footwear may be necessary. Special caution should be taken when using decking in areas by heat/UV reflective glass, or around pools.
As Millboard is made from a resin mineral composition it is stable in comparison to timber or composites based on timber. We recommend a 0.16″ gap between the sides of boards and a 0.04″ gap between the ends of boards, a 0.4″ gap should be left between the boards and any solid surface to aid drainage.

The Lastane® finish is resistant to food and drink stains and scratches, and everyday wear and tear. Sharp objects such as unprotected table or chair legs, spiked shoes, animal claws or metal planter bases can leave marks if dragged across the surface, so take care when moving these items around. The risk of marking from strong dyes and stains such as berries and animal droppings will be reduced if removed as soon as possible, this also applies to cooking oils or fats that come into contact with the surface of the Lastane®.

Please cover and protect the boards from any surrounding building or landscaping works, painting, rendering or cementitious dust that could contaminate or mark the surface, especially if the boards have been recently installed. Millboard will not be held responsible for issues arising from the boards being affected by foreign substances as this does not represent a fault with the product. We are able to recommend cleaning solutions that may be used to address contamination concerns or in situations where our guidance has not been followed.

Yes. Our Limited Warranty gives you peace of mind and we assure you that we will stand by its provisions. We will issue you with either a Residential 25 year Limited Warranty or a Commercial 5 year Limited Warranty depending on the installation application of the boards and when it is registered within 90 days of the installation. To register your warranty click here.

Millboard decking has been tested to BS EN ISO 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and has a Bfl-S1 reaction to fire classification (fire test for flooring). Millboard is not recommended for use as cladding or balcony decking on buildings 6 stories or above. For other uses, it should be subject to Building Regulations to check suitability, use and proximity.

The ideal companion to our all-weather composite decking is our DuoSpan subframe system.

DuoSpan combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This combination enables distinctive design opportunities for decking and outdoor structures that would be impossible with most conventional subframes. Boasting impressive durability and exceptional ease of installation, DuoSpan provides the perfect subframe for Millboard decking, as well as a universal support system for other outdoor flooring. Its ingenious design includes multiple features that make it nearly impossible to get assembly wrong.

Timber is the most commonly used subframe material. However, timber only performs well under ideal circumstances and if the cut elements are regularly retreated. In applications where the timber is in contact with the ground or has limited airflow, the intended lifespan of the frame can be impeded significantly. Our recommendation is to use our innovative DuoSpan framework or Plas-pro to achieve a non-rot solution. When using Plas-Pro as an alternative to timber, please bear in mind that the structural spans are not equivalent.

DuoSpan™ combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This achieves a system that provides exceptional ease of installation, enormous strength and durability. DuoSpan has been designed by industry professionals to comply with Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures (BS EN 1991-1-1). The system has been assessed for point loading in relation to both domestic and commercial use, making it suitable for a range of applications.

There may be situations where our Plas-Pro framework items may be more suitable than the DuoSpan, such as furniture framework or areas in wet/marine environments. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, they are designed for longevity and reliability and will never suffer from insect attacks or rotting.

Following extensive trials, we recommend and supply Durafix® stainless steel screws, designed specifically for Millboard. This is a requirement of our limited warranty. There’s no need to pre-drill or countersink Millboard decking, and the unique Lastane® material coating flexes back over the screw-heads, leaving a minimal mark (this may be more visible on the lighter colors). Should some of the screws leave larger marks, these can be filled—please see our installation guide.

There will always be a slight variance in the board’s dimensions due to the fact that we mold from natural oak, and due to the pressure of the molding process. Despite this, we calibrate the boards to maintain as consistent a profile as possible. The manufacturing tolerances are: Width: ± 0.12″. Length: ± 0.2″. Thickness: ± 0.08. The dimensions of the Weathered Oak style may vary more between molds due to the fact that they are molded from timeworn oak with minimal changes to the dimensions. When working with the boards, packers may be required to create a flush finish between two boards.

In instances where there is burning wood or coal you will need to sit the fire bowl/pit onto a porcelain or cement tile/slab. The slabbed area needs to extend about 3 feet outside the fire bowl/pit. Any embers or burning material must to be removed immediately to prevent any damage or lasting marks to the Millboard surface.

Patio heaters or infra red heaters are not known to affect the boards.

As the boards are a molded product we use a release agent in the manufacturing process. When the boards are first delivered this release agent may still be on the surface, which can result in the boards looking like they have a shiny or waxed surface or have small particles of dirt and water puddling. This release agent will come off the surface within 6-8 weeks due to natural weathering. This process can be accelerated by cleaning the boards with warm soapy water and stiff brush after installation.


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