Millboard Maintenance-Free Boards: The Ideal Solution for Outdoor Building Applications

Millboard Maintenance-Free Boards are More Durable, Yet Indistinguishable from Real Wood for Outdoor Building Applications

Available now in the US only from Outlive, Millboard offers a more sustainable building option.


The only decking hand-molded from natural timbers for unmatched texture and variation, Millboard decking is virtually indistinguishable from real wood, yet outperforms it on almost every level. Unlike timber boards, or even some conventional composite boards, Millboard decking features a strong polymer core which provides structure while also resisting the elements. These boards require minimal maintenance, are slip resistant, and won’t warp or rot from moisture decay, algae, or harbor insects.

Millboard decking and siding products combine the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of a hybrid of polyurethane. Millboard boards have a unique molded Lastane® surface which is produced using the same pliable material as the soles of shoes, allowing the patented lost-head fixings to disappear into the board and boasts slip-resistance even in wet conditions. Beneath the Lastane® surface is a polymer resin core, reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength and material stability, making Millboard one of the most dependable decking materials available.

Each board is carefully hand-colored in the realistic true-to-life tonal shades that are Millboard’s signature feature and with a variety of colors and textures available, Millboard appeals to all styles. The mold masters for the Millboard collections are carefully selected. The Weathered Oak collection is molded from oak boards over a century old and features vintage texture that can be seen and felt. Catering to a more refined look, the Enhanced Grain collection provides a smoother and more subtle texture, perfect for a modern aesthetic.

Millboard currently offers three decking collections:

  • Enhanced Grain – Molded from real oak boards for a textured look and feel, the Enhanced Grain collection’s contemporary design accurately showcases the subtle nuances of natural wood. Each of the 8 available shades showcase their organic grain for a classic and refined look, that is suitable for any application. The Enhanced Grain collection now offers 7 colors in a “slim board” which features a width of 5 inches compared to the standard 7-inch board.

  • Weathered Oak – Beautifully aged in appearance, the Weathered Oak collection is hand-molded from real oak boards over a century old and colored by hand with authentic tones. Providing a timeless look, Weathered Oak retains its natural beauty and offers a surface with minimal maintenance and very high slip-resistance even in wet conditions. This collection is available in 3 shades.

  • Lasta-Grip – The Lasta-Grip® collection combines the attractive appearance of our Enhanced Grain boards with a unique textured design that offers the ultimate slip-resistance, without the
    rough feel of conventional gritted strip boards. Perfect for commercial areas where safety is paramount, but appearance is important. Available in two finishes.

Millboard decking is complemented by unique Durafix screws. These hidden fixings make installing Millboard easy and allow the rubber-like topcoat to hide the hardware for an even more natural look. With Durafix there’s no need to pre-drill, countersink, or use clip fixings. Simply screw them straight in to just below the surface. Millboard’s innovative Lastane coating flexes back over the screw-heads, ensuring the screws are not left exposed. The screws are still accessible and can be removed later if needed.

The Millboard product line includes accessories such as matching flexible bullnose edging that continues the beautiful wood grain right round the edge profile to maintain the authentic wood look, and Touch-up Coating in nine colors to put the finishing touches on exposed cut ends. Designed to resist high wear points, the edging profiles and fascia boards come in all of the Millboard colors.

The Millboard DuoSpan subframe, made from 100% recycled plastics, and DuoLift support systems enable straightforward construction of complex decks, screening and landscaping structures. Providing a unique landscape construction frame, DuoSpan combines the strength of aluminum with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This combination, assisted by slot-and-screw assembly, enable distinctive decking designs and easier installations for outdoor structures that would be difficult to achieve with most conventional subframes. The DuoLift joist support system provides substantial height flexibility within four stackable components, removing the challenge of various fixed-height pedestals over a single area. It also provides enhanced ease of installation in addition to superior load bearing. DuoSpan and DuoLift can both be used with a wide range of decking and siding materials.

Millboard also offers two lines of siding material, the Shadow Line Envello collection available in 5 colors, and a Board and Batten collection that’s available in 4 colors.

Millboard products have been used to build pathways, bridges, feature and privacy walls, residential decks, planters, pond surrounds, pool decks, tabletops, benches and docks in addition to many other applications. Millboard products have a 25-year warranty unmatched competitive qualities, and endless possibilities.


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