7 Tips for Installing Decking in Cold Weather

Winter may last a while longer, but luckily, Millboard is engineered for easy installation no matter the weather. Here are a few things you may want to know when installing Millboard decking in cooler temperatures.

Note: make sure to follow Millboard’s installation guides, which contain more detailed information.


  • If the boards ever freeze together, don’t force them apart—this could damage the surface. You can prevent sticking by spacing the boards out or storing them in a place where temperatures are above freezing.
  • Flexible board components that will be used on curves work best at room temperature, so it’s best to store them in a heated location until they are fitted.
  • In winter, if you need to butt two boards together over a joist, leave a 1mm gap between them to allow for any contraction or expansion as temperatures change.
  • The surface of the boards might not always cover Durafix screws completely in cold weather, so be careful drilling them in when temperatures are cooler.
  • When removing snow, use a broom or a plastic shovel. Metal can damage the board surface.
  • If you need to use wood glue to secure an edge joint, try to stick to the glue’s recommended working temperatures. This might mean heating the boards and glue ahead of time, or gluing and drying the joint indoors before moving it outside.
  • Be especially careful drilling into Plas-Pro in the winter, as its denser material can resist screws when cold. Beyond the 8mm relief hole that is already in place, you should also make a 5mm pilot hole for 6.3x90mm Durafix screws, and keep screws 10-15mm from the outer edge to prevent PlasPro components from splitting or breaking.


With these tips, and with Outlive’s decking experts, you’ll be able to get to work on your next decking project without having to wait until spring. Millboard’s intuitive and inclusive installation process will help make your next project simple to achieve and beautiful to look at, all in time for summer weather.

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